How fast does a Bullet travel?

| October 28, 2017

Wondering how fast does a Bullet travel? The maximum velocity of an average bullet is 760 Mps (metre per second).

The bullet speed of 760 Mps is equal to 2493 Fps (feet per second), 2736 Kmh (kilometre per hour) and 1700 Mph (miles per hour).

The bullet weight can range from 0.02 to 0.2 kg depending on the gun caliber and type. The most popular 9mm bullets weight go down to 90g (made by Cor-Bon) and up to 154g. The .22 caliber bullets are lighter than 40g and 500 S&W Magnum bullet weights 700 grams.

The speed of a bullet shot from a gun or sniper rifle varies, as there are diverse types of weapons available, and each gun is unique in its capabilities. The bullet is part of an ammunition cartridge. The basic components of ammunition are:

  • Bullet PartsCase is the the metal container that holds all the other parts inside. There are a variety of materials bullets are made of i.e. Lead or Lead alloy is the traditional bullet core material. Copper or gilding metal, an alloy of copper and zinc is also used to make bullet cases.
  • Primer is an explosive chemicalthat ignites the gunpowder when hit by the firing pin. Primer may be placed either in the rim of the case (rimfire) or in the center of the base of the case (centerfire).
  • Gunpowder is the chemical mixture that burns rapidly and converts to an expanding gas when ignited.
  • Projectile is the actual bullet object expelled from the barrel upon pulling the triggger. It is usually made of lead. Other materials that are used to make bullets are aluminum, bismuth, bronze, copper, tin, plastics, and rubber. Steel bullets have armor piercing ability. Tungsten bullets made of  Tungsten Carbide are the hardest one that can pentrate armored cars walls.

Speed of a Bullet

The speed of a bullet depends largely on the gun from which it is fired, along with the intent of the user. Bullets leaves the barrel of a gun, typically at an initial speed (called muzzle velocity) of 1200 mph (536 metre per second) to 2800 mph (metre per second) depending upon the the type of weapon. Pistol bullets generally feature a lower acceleration than rifles or machine guns.

How fast does a Bullet travel?

How fast does a Bullet travel in Mph?1700 miles per hour
How fast does a Bullet travel in Kmh?2736 Kilometres per hour
How fast does a Bullet travel in Fps?2493 Feet per second
How fast does a Bullet travel in Mps?760 Metres per second

To dodge a bullet, if you are at the 500 feet distance and react to the sound of gunshot at 0.20 seconds (twice that of the fastest Olympic sprinters) you still can not. Because sound travels at 768 miles per hour (1126 feet per second), which is about half the speed of the bullet. The bullet will hit you before you heard the gunfire.

How fast does a 9mm Bullet travel?

9mm bullet can travel 1500 feet per second speed and can cover 2500 yards distnace at maximum. However, according to the National Rifle Association (NRA) for a 9 mm handgun (the most popular handgun according to a bullet usually travel up to 2130 yards or about 1.2 miles. 

Bullet Maximum Range

Bullet maximum range depends on type of gun a variety of other factors including muzzle velocity, ballistic coefficient, and air temperature, amount of gunpowder, angle shot and projectilee form factor. A bullet shot from gun eventually lose momentum due to the air resistance drag factor. Below are the maximum bullet range of some ammunition given in yards:

.30-06 Springfield5675
.223 Remington3875
44 Magnum Revolver2500
9mm Luger2400
.22 Long Rifle2000
45 Automatic Colt Pistol1800

How fast does a Sniper Bullet travel?

There is no single or simple answer. Projectile velocity is determined by the propellant charge, projectile weight, cartridge case volume and barrel length principally. The velocity is further affected by barrel and chamber wear, barrel temperature, ammunition quality and consistency and lastly by ammunition handling. External factors also play a part once the projectile leaves the rifle muzzle such as air temperature and density, wind direction

Longest Sniper Shot  World’s record is credited to an unknown Canadian Joint Task Force 2 (JTF-2) shooter (name not disclosed for security reasons according to DailyMail). Durig Iraqi Civil War, using a McMillan TAC-50 sniper rifle loaded with A-MAX .50 caliber machinegun catridege, he hit down an ISIS target 3540 metres (3871 yards) away. The bullet traveled for 10 seconds at speed of 792 mph to reach the target. The previous record holder was British Corporal Craig Harrison, who took down a target 1.5 miles away with his L115A3 long range rifle.

how fast does a bullet travel speed of sniper mph 9mm

Sniper rifle generally projects bullets at the same velocities employed by general-purpose firearms. However, the projectiles used in the sniper bullets are very aerodynamic and  have high ballistic coefficients. The muzzle flash often gives the sniper’s position away. There are devices that will suppress the muzzle flash and/or the sound, but they also  limit a sniper rifle’s performance as trade-off.

A good sniper will probably be relocating, but that depends on his mission. In most scenarios the sniper is actually not that far away from 600-800 meters in most cases (1km plus shots are the exceptions, not the general rule).